Saturday 31 December 2011

A final circuit of NZRT for the year.

The Jabiru J200 ZK-CHW3 (c/n 009) from the Watkins Family Trust of Auckland was seeking shelter from the inclement meteorological condition by over nighting in the Pat Scotter hangar.
Above : strongly rumoured to have been sold to new owners at Tauranga: is the North American NA78 Harvard 3* ZK-XSA (c/n 78-6647). It was out and about today (31-12-2011).
Tucked away was the Jabiru J120-C UL ZK-EFG3 (c/n 001) of Hamilton Computer Services of Christchurch. This little aircraft flew across the Tasman Sea from Lismore to Lord Howe and Norfolk Islands and into Kerikeri on 13-11-2009.
And something different -:- Taking of from Rangiora today.

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  1. Interesting to hear the rumour about the harvard im very curious if its true to who has bought it.and how much they paid seeing nz1096 is for sale with a new full overhauled engine!!!