Tuesday 14 September 2021

New Magni M 22 Gyro ZK-RXX in Fiordland

Magni M 22 Gyrocopter ZK-RXX (c/n 22202966) was registered to C G Crosse of Pakatoa Station near Napier on 4/5/21.  However it has been with the Magni agent Peter Avery at Martin's Bay in deepest South Westland where these photos were sourced from a great video by Peter Avery Fiordland NZ by Gyro

ZK-RXX is badged as a M 22 Plus and it is powered by a 140 HP Rotax 915 iS which must give it impressive performance to match its impressively big tyres.

Among some impressive scenery.

And here is Peter Avery's own M 22 gyro ZK-RPA2 on a Fiordland beach.

ZK-RPA2 is the mount that Peter shot his excellent video from, with a photo from the video below.  The link is:  https://vimeo.com/596754999/5daa91d8ea


  1. That is one stunning video! Thank you for sharing.

  2. What a fabulous video of the vastness of Fiordland taken from the smallest of aircraft! Bought back many memories of my time in Southern Fiordland, (based at Clifden) as a National Park Ranger in the mid 70's and 80's. The moods of the area were well captured with some great flying. I was fortunate to have flown to my "work" many times with pilots like Bill Black, Keith Neylon and Richard Hayes et el!
    Well done and thank you for sharing such a truly wonderful video.

    Bill Mannix

  3. Great video and landscapes dear Friend. Here we go, and No Panic..! Enjoy Pete. Siberiano.