Sunday 26 September 2021

Tecnam P 2002 Sierras of New Zealand (2) - 2004 Sierras

P 2002 Sierras kept arriving at Ardmore during 2004, with a total of six registered during the year.  In registration date order they were:

ZK-NPS (c/n 032) was registered to the New Plymouth Aero Club on 10/5/04.  It went to Pro Flight Ltd of Tauranga on 19/4/07 and it is photo'd in their ownership above.  On 20/11/07 it went to the NPS Syndicate of Tauranga and then on 5/11/09 it went back to Tecnam Ltd of Ardmore.  From 23/4/10 ownership was with Rod Vaughan Ltd of Ardmore.

And then on 25/1/12 ownership transferred to M J S (Michael) Wilkins of Taupiri, and it is photo'd above in his ownership at Matamata on 6/5/17.

ZK-KFA (c/n 046) was registered to Kevin M Farmer of Manakau on 5/8/04.  (Kevin Farmer had also owned an early Tecnam Echo ZK-KFP for Kevin Farmer's Plane and I guess that ZK-KFA was for kevin Farmers Aircraft).  On 4/12/10 ownership transferred to B D and J L Mackie of Napier and then recently it went to S A (Stan) Hyde of Feilding, on 31/5/21.  The above photo is at Feilding on 13/6/21.

ZK-MVS (c/n 049) was registered to Maximum Ventures Ltd of Wanaka on 14/9/04.  I am not sure why it has this non-standard colour scheme, but I think it may have always been like this as I have seen a photo of it looking the same in from 2005.  It then went to /Minaret Enterprises Ltd (Ruth Presland) also of Wanaka, on 4/7/05 and then back to Maximum Ventures Ltd on 14/2/07.  On 24/10/18 ownership changed to D J Moore of Timaru and then on 1/12/19 to the McLeod Brothers Syndicate, also at Timaru.  It is photo'd above at Rangiora on 7/9/19.

ZK-MVT (c/n 048) was registered on the same day as ZK-MVT, 14/9/04, to Minaret Enterprises of Wanaka (Ruth Presland).  I think Ruth Presland was the South Island Tecnam representative at that time.  Ownership transferred on 1/11/07 to U-Fly Ltd of Wanaka and then on 29/6/09 it moved North to the Wairarapa and Ruahine Aero Club at Masterton.  The above photo was taken at Masterton on 21/4/12.  On 19/5/14 it crashed on take off at Masterton and was burnt out.  It was cancelled from the register on 27/6/14.  

The next two Sierras to be registered in 2004 were fully certified P 2002-JF models that had higher MAUWs of 579 Kg.  The first of these was ZK-ROZ (c/n 007 - this was an early c/n of the certified JF model that had a separate c/n series).  Giovanni Nustrini told me that they had these 2 aircraft painted in the colours of the Frecci Tricolori, the aerobatic team of the Italian Air Force, and they also were given Tecnam Arrows script on the tail.  ZK-ROZ was registered to Skylease Ltd of Auckland on 2/12/04 and it then went to Auckland Flight Training Ltd at Ardmore on 17/3/06.  It was re-designated as a P 2002-JF UL on 6/7/11 and sold to Martin E Lobb of Rotorua on 19/7/11.  The above photo was taken at Ardmore early on in its life.

Martin Lobb re-registered his new P 2002 JF UL as ZK-MEL on 20/7/11.  He later moved to Tauranga and owned the aircraft until 11/9/17 when he re-registered it again as ZK-CCV2.  This was to make the ZK-MEL registration available for his new RV 7A ZK-MEL2.  It is photo'd above on a lovely day at Taumarunui on 5/2/17.

ZK-CCV2 was sold to Susan P Gaiger of Christchurch on 14/6/18 and it is photo'd above at Rangiora on 8/9/19.

And the last P 2002 to be registered in 2004 was the twin of ZK-ROZ above, being registered ZK-TVB2 (c/n 009) to Skylease Ltd of Auckland on 20/12/04.  On 17/3/06 ownership transferred to Auckland Flight Training Ltd of Ardmore.  On 15/12/11 ownership transferred to Giovanni Nustrini of Auckland and the on 19/12/12 to Keiko and James Walker of Rotorua.  It was re-designated as a P 2002-JF UL on 21/12/12.  The next owner was R F Donaldson of Matamata from 16/2/18 and most recently ownership has transferred on 15/3/21 to B J Yorke of Wyndham in the deep South.  It is photo'd at Ardmore early on in its life.

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