Monday 20 September 2021

Tecnam P 96 Golfs of New Zealand (4) - Later 2002 Aircraft

 As I mentioned in my previous post, there were ten P 96 Golfs registered in New Zealand during 2002 (as well as four P 92 Echos) so Tecnam NZ were very busy at Ardmore.  Here are the remaining P 96 Golfs from 2002 in the order of their registration:

ZK-JTG (c/n 212) was registered to Allied Press Ltd of Dunedin on 29/7/02 and it is still registered with them 19 years later.  It does not appear to have been photo'd much and the above photo is from Jet Photos.

ZK-TNG (c/n 221) was registered to Tecnam Ltd at Papakura on 5/9/02. It went to Ardmore Aviation Services Ltd on 22/5/03 and then to Auckland Flight Training Ltd of Ardmore on 9/6/04.  However this was very brief as it was cancelled on 5/7/04 and exported to Australia where it became 24-4143 and this registration was cancelled on 6/7/05.  So it wasn't around for very long and no photos of it seemed to exist until Giovanni Nustrini came up with this one showing ZK-TNG in a line up of other Golfs ready for delivery at the Tecnam hangar at Ardmore.  Thanks very much for the photo Giovanni.

ZK-TEB2 (c/n 217) was first registered to G M Rogers of Dunedin on 16/9/02.  It then moved around a bit going to H V Ryan of Waharoa on 17/6/05 and then on 1/11.06 to Izard Pacific Aviation Ltd of Springhill.  They sold it to B W Ford of Hamilton on 9/10/07 and then it went briefly to C W (Cliff) Johnston of Hastings on 23/7/13.  Finally ownership changed to Sport Aviation Corp of Hamilton and it is used for training at Te Kowhai, where the above photo was taken on 14/3/17.

ZK-WFG (c/n 215) was registered to WFG Ltd of Wanaka on 16/9/02and they owned it until 2019 when ownership changed briefly to GBM Aircraft Holdings Ltd of Wanaka on 28/2/19, and then on to Southern Cross Contracting Ltd of Tauranga on 15/3/19.  The above photo was taken at Pauanui on 15/7/21.

ZK-RLS (c/n 218) was registered to R L Sparks of Auckland on 25/9/02.  He later moved to Alexandra and ownership transferred to the Sparks Family Trust of Alexandra on 13/4/05.  It is photo'd above at Alexandra on 22/3/21.

A Golf with a different colour scheme!  However I reckon someone probably added the red trim after delivery.  ZK-EHG (c/n 227) was registered to PNM Equipment Hire of Matamata on 4/12/02.  It then went to the Hauraki Aero Club at Thames on 21/8/06.  It was damaged in a take off accident at Thames on 15/1/10 and it was cancelled on 27/7/10.  It is photo'd above at Paul Hopper's strip at Silverdale on 28/3/09.

However it was rebuilt and re-registered on 14/3/11 as ZK-JAN3 (still with the same c/n of 227), to A Franklin of Tauranga, this time with a truly different colour scheme.  It quickly went to Tecnam Hire Ltd of Waihi Beach on 28/3/11.  It is photo'd above about to depart from the 2011 Black Sands flyin at Raglan, on 12/11/11, I suspect flown by Jean-Jacques Deschamps and Dave Evans.  On 28/3/14 ownership changed to the DDJ Syndicate of Waihi Beach.

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