Thursday 2 September 2021

Tecnam P 92s of New Zealand (4) - Echo Super Models from 2002

Tecnam deliveries ramped up in 2002 with four P 92 Echo Super models registered (as well as ten P 96 Golfs that I will cover later).  I understand that the Echo Super had a 100 HP Rotax 912S engine and the shorter wingspan of 8.7 metres (28 feet 8 inches).  The four P 92 Echo Super aircraft were:

The first P 92 Echo Super in New Zealand was Ken McKee's ZK-KMA2 (c/n 642) which was registered to him on 26/4/02.  Ken McKee had owned the earlier P 92 ZK-KMA which he sold in February 2001.  It is photo'd above at its home base at Napier early on in its life, thanks to Ken McKee for the photo.  It was re-registered as ZK-RWD on 9/5/07 and sold, and  Ken went on to own another P 92 Echo Super which he registered ZK-KMA3.

ZK-RWD was registered on 9/5/07 to MJ Smith of Auckland and then on 19/3/09 ownership changed to TM Brown of Hamilton and finally on 17/10/16 it was sold to the Park Lane Trust of Timaru with whom it is still current.  The above photo was taken at Pauanui on 6/1/12.

The next P 92 Echo Super to be registered was ZK-CSP3 (c/n 699) which was registered to Glenapark Aviation Ltd (Chris Paul) of Waimate on 16/11/02.  Thanks to Chris Paul for the above photo.  On 22/12/04 ownership transferred to JR Martin of Martinborough with whom it is still current.  It has been quite elusive over the years and few photos of it seem to exist.

Next up was ZK-TGT (c/n 705) which was registered to Tecnam Ltd of Papakura (Giovanni Nustrini) on 26/11/02, as a demonstrator I assume.  It was sold to Barrett Joinery Ltd (Graham Barrett) of Timaru on 21/7/03 and they later relocated to Cromwell, and on 16/10/09 ownership changed to U Fly Ltd of Wanaka where the above photo was taken on 15/12/09.  Then on 15/8/11 it went back to Graham Barrett at Cromwell, and then to Daire Ltd of Christchurch on 28/4/13.

And the final P 92 Echo Super to be registered in 2002 was ZK-LJW (c/n 704) which was registered to Jackson-Wills Aero of Invercargill on 9/12/02.  Ownership transferred to the Hawera Aero Club on 25/5/06 and it is photo'd above in their ownership at the 2013 Black Sands flyin at Raglan, on 2/11/13.  Most recently, on 1/3/17, ownership transferred to NJ Whalley of Whangarei with whom it is still current.

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  1. TGT was used as a demonstrator for towing gliderd hence the rego TGT(Tecnam Glider Tow). You can see the hook in the photo. Not sure it was ever super successful in NZ in tatt role.