Tuesday 7 September 2021

Tecnam P 92s of New Zealand (7) - P 92 Eaglets

The next model of the Tecnam P 92 to appear, in 2008, was the P 92 Eaglet model which incorporated some features from the P2004 Bravo.  The Eaglet was pitched as a training aircraft and it can also be registered as a Light Sport Aircraft with a higher 600 Kg MAUW.  I featured revised wingtips and with a 100 HP Rotax engine the cruise speed at 75% power went up to 116 knots.  

We have had six Eaglets registered in New Zealand as follows in their order of registration:

Our first P 92 Eaglet was ZK-WTF (c/n 1127) which was registered to Tecnam Ltd of Ardmore on 11/8/08.  On 12/12/08 ownership changed to the Northern Recreational Flying Club of Whangarei and then on 21/6/12 ownership transferred across to the Whanagarei Flying Club.  Then on 2/5/15 ownership transferred to Opiweb Ltd of Auckland, with whom kit is still current.  The above photo was taken at Parakai on 27/2/10.

ZK-NSR2 (c/n 1128) was registered on 18/11/08 to Neil S Ross of Gore and it was on line with U Fly of Wanaka for a time. 

Then it migrated to the North Island to the Hauraki Aero Club at Thames where it was re-registered ZK-NSL2 on 22/4/21.  It is photo'd above at Thames on 29/8/21.

ZK-SJF (c/n 1204) was registered to Stephen J Field on Cheviot on 20/3/09.  It is photo'd above at Rangiora on 14/6/10.  On 28/8/20 ownership changed to DR Batchelor of Christchurch.

ZK-WCF (c/n 1401) was the second P 92 Eaglet to be owned by the Whangarei Flying Club and it was registered to them on 27/11/12.  It is photo'd above at Dargaville on 13/9/16.

ZK-DDE2 (c/n 1479) was registered to WL (Lyall) Hopcroft of Balfour on 17.4.14 and in 2020 he moved to Cromwell with his Eaglet.  It is photo'd above arriving at the 2017 RAANZ flyin on 31/7/17.

And our final P 92 Eaglet to be registered to date is ZK-TNZ2 (c/n 1590) was registered to Aircraft and Marine Ltd of Gore (Neil Ross and Ruth Allanson) on 13/5/19, and on 27/8/19 it moved across to Jetboat.Com Ltd of Gore (Neil Ross) who is the current New Zealand Tecnam agent and Neil currently has it as a demonstrator.  You can see the the above photo (taken at Te Kowhai on 4/11/19) that it a more modern version which has a slightly revised rear window.

Eaglets are not manufactured any more and have been superceded by the P 92 Echo Mk II so we may not see any more of them.

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