Monday 27 September 2021

Question Time

 A poser for our readers.  I got this photo from the internet and it was taken in Christchurch:

The interesting thing is that if you look at the registration plate of the truck it is JGJ1, which was issued in 2015....

Can anyone provide an answer as to what and where this is?


  1. The Hurricane for the plynth at Thames honouring Sir Keith Park?

  2. Its a 2014 MAN TGX Articulated Truck...
    The fiberglass Hurricane is from the Wanaka wings and wheels museum which closed on the 7th of Sep, I believe the Hurricane was built by weta for the Museum when the real one was sold off shore. It was since been delivered to Omaka but I am unsure of it's end use there.

  3. Thanks for that Mit. Being from Warkworth I didn't know the Wanaka Wings and Wheels museum had closed. It looks like a good likeness of ZK-TPK, but I did wonder why it did not have a canopy fitted.