Friday, 3 October 2008


Snapped this beauty at Ardmore a few days ago, ZK-BEN c/n 84671 (ex G-AMVH) registered to Jet Imports of Papakura since 1 April 1998.

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  1. A bit more history on This one.
    Built for the RAF as T6245 and taken on charge on 21-05-1941. After military service it was struck off charge on 30-06-1951 to become G-AMVH on 06-10-1952 with the Hants & Sussex Aero Club at Portsmouth. This was cancelled on 12-10-1953 on export to NZ.
    It became ZK-BEN on 16-02-1954 and achieved its C of A on 20-07-1954 with Southland & Otago Aerial Top Dressing Co Ltd at Dunedin. Ownership changed on 09-10-1955 to Air Services (Wairarapa) Ltd at Masterton. As East Coast Air Services it struck a tree at Tuaweru near Masterton on 28-03-1956 and was damaged by fire and was cancelled on 08-05-1956.
    It was rebuilt by Croydon Aircraft Co at Mandeville and re-registered on 01-04-1998 to Jet Imports.

    I imagine it is a might different after flying the Hunter.