Tuesday, 7 October 2008

K-Max Caught

Funny thing happened yesterday. I was standing on Balclutha Airstrip, discussing the effect of the world's financial woes on topdressing with the local fixed wing pilots, when out of the south appeared K-Max N312KA (c/n A94-0024). The pilot was a bit disorientated and stopped to ask directions to the refuelling location. Don't tell me nothing ever happens in Balclutha! Built in 1997, the machine is leased from Superior Helicopters LLC, of Glendale Oregon (hence the big 'S' on the tail). My recollection is it arrived in the country around February this year, but I stand to be corrected. It is operated by Aviation Helico New Zealand, the successor to Columbia Helicopters NZ who used to operate Vertol 107 ZK-HCW.

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