Thursday, 2 October 2008

Canterbury Aero Club today

A quick wizz around the Canterbury Aero Club mid afternoon found the two new Piper PA-28's coming together nicely.
N3106M PA-28-181 Archer III c/n 2843672 (to be ZK-LJE) is about to have its wings inserted.

ZK-LJD PA-28-161 Warrior III c/n 282308 and ex N6068T (not worn) is now out in the main hangar area.
I am wondering if the registration letters are big enough !

Visiting was the PA-32-300 Cherokee Six ZK-WGO c/n 32-7340146.
The sign writing says it all really.

What I did miss however was the newly imported Schleicher ASH 25 Mi motor glider N287SF c/n 25202, which was registered as ZK-GZF today to the Zulu Foxtrot syndicate with Terry Delore. This is the same glider that Terry and Steve Fosset (hence the "SF" on the US registration) broke several world records in Argentina and Nevada. It was having its radios checked today. Its original German registration was D-KLWE. (Tks to Aaron Murphy for heads up call)

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