Monday 27 October 2008

Kermit ZK-DYM

The sparkling new Rans S6 ES (TD) Coyote II ZK-DYM , c/n 4051657 , first flew at Rangiora on 12-10-2008. The results of 2700 hours of toil spread over two and three quarter years by Dave Mitchell of Amberley. Power is provided by a 80hp Rotax onto a Brent Thompson propeller.
Referred to early on during its construction as Kermit by the bystanders - The name has stuck and is now worn on its rudder.
On the forward fuselage it has the Mitchell family crest.
The ciloured covering is sprayed with "clear coat" which gives it a really nice glossy look.
It has the locally developed engine cowls which allow easy access to the top of the engine on either side by simply undoing two clips and hinging that section upwards. Normal Rans top access is achieved by undoing a heap of screws - which makes a decent preflight rather tedious.
Pics taken at NZRT on Sat 25th Oct 2008.

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