Saturday, 25 October 2008

Question time #24 continued.

OK then.

What do you make of this then ?

I want the model, registration letter/numbers & c/n please.


  1. Good to see you up and running bluebus.

    Now is the aircraft pictured common or is it rare? Is it based @ rangiora?

  2. Hi there PD. Thanks - good to be back.

    This particular model is indeed rare - especially Down Under. The WWII models are much more common with their inline Ranger or Scarab radials.

    It was spied in one of the new hangars at Omaka

  3. Question 24 appears to be a Fairchild 24 (or some variant thereof). No idea on the reg or c/n.

  4. james - you are correct.

    Fairchild 24, as inferred in the original cryptic clues:- ie Question time #24; and the mention of being "Fair" and any "Child" = Fairchild 24.

    Well done.

    All we need now is the exact model , eg F24C-8E or some such and its c/n and registration.

    Maybe we should call Greybeard back on board !

  5. So it was a Fairchild? I have looked everywhere to find the rego and its not in the CAA register either.