Wednesday 27 April 2022

Charlies fund raising fly in at Darfield May 1st

 Sheffield Volunteer Fire Brigade Fund Raiser 

Wheels and Wings – Sunday 1st of May 2022

Gates open at 8.30am 

Charlie Draper is hosting this fundraiser again at Kimberly Road, Darfield. 

It is a chance to show the public your aircraft and talk to people about being a pilot.


There will be Cars, Planes, Motor Bikes, Food and Drink and much more.


Charlie says that any one who wants to fly-in on the Saturday will be looked after and he will get you into Darfield for accommodation.


This is not and AOPA NZ run event but we want to let you know it is on so you can support Charlie and this community fundraiser.


Register here and contact the organiseres


Operational Information from the Organisers

 The active airstrip is moved to the eastern side of the paddock about 50m out from the road

 The strip is 470m long. Look for a displaced 50m threshold on the southern end marked by cones.

 All circuits towards the hills

119.2 will be monitored

Please contact Graeme or Charlie for a briefing



Charlie Draper - 027 433 2628 – General and Aircraft Inquiries

Graeme Piper – 027 604 1824 – Aircraft Inquiries

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