Tuesday 26 April 2022

A Follow Up on DH 82A Tiger Moth ZK-APP

Following from my post on other interesting aircraft at Omaka last Sunday,  Aaron Murphy has sent a photo of the nice looking DH 82A Tiger Moth ZK-APP showing its registration:

I note that it has a tailwheel and maybe then it has brakes, so therefore does it have the American Tiger Moth modified undercarriage with the funny looking angled in wheels as does ZK-ATM2?  (See my post on ZK-ATM2 HERE ).

Thanks for the photo Aaron (taken at Omaka on 10/4/22).


  1. No, it doesn't have the modified undercarriage. ATM2's slopes significantly forward and therefore its fuselage angle slopes lower than the DH82 standard as depicted in APP.

  2. The under-carriage on ZK-ATM is a standard Canadian production u/c, not American modification