Friday 1 April 2022

Vickers Wave Amphibian First Flight at Hamilton

After a very long development period Vickers Aircraft Company Ltd's prototype 2 seater Wave amphibian aircraft made its first flight from Hamilton Airport back on 12/3/22.  Another first of type for Hamilton!

Vickers Wave-POC ZK-VIC2 (c/n POC 01) was first registered on 20/12/20.  The photos are screenshots from a You Tube video on the company's website

Specifications for the Wave are: MAUW 839 Kg (1,850 pounds) with a useful load of 295 Kg (650 pounds).  The wingspan is 9.40 metres (30 feet 10 inches), the wing area is 150 square feet and the length is 7.5 metres (24 feet 8 inches).  Power is supplied by a Rotax 915iS which produces a maximum power of 141 HP and gives a projected cruise speed of 120 knots.  It is registered in the GA category.

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