Wednesday 30 March 2022


 Captured yesterday at Tauranga by Hairy Mole Rat was this Tecnam which had been marked in Italy as "RGA".

It is I believe the Tecnam P92 Mk II for the Canterbury Recreational Aircraft Club at Rangiora and will most likely become ZK-RGB3 to replace the previous Tecnam P92 Echo Classic ZK-RGB2 which was destroyed back on 28-04-2021.



How wrong can you be ?

Todays photo (31-03-2022) from Tauranga from Hairy Mole Rat tells a different story to what the scuttlebutt in the CRAC Club House has been saying. 

Actually HMR did advise me that :-

"It arrived as ZK-RGA but I understand it is in fact ZK-RGE but not on the CAA Reg yet."

Evidence in camera.
Here we have ZK-RGE as seen today (Thursday 31st)
Dare I mention a c/n of 1657 ?

Sorry HMR

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