Sunday 27 March 2022

Electric Mosquito Helicopter ZK-IAB/2 at Parakai 26-3-2022

Yesterday I drove on from North Shore to Parakai where the Northern Aviators Club had arranged with Oskar Stielau for a demonstration of his electric Mosquito Air helicopter ZK-IAB2.  There were about 25 interested observers from as far away as Whangarei and Whitianga, and Oskar gave a great presentation about his electric helicopter which is probably the only example in the world.

The electric motor is tiny.  It is the round black object below the registration.  And the 7 all electric tail rotors are adapted from a 15 Kg drone.

Then Oskar took off and flew impressively up and down the airfield for about 15 minutes.

Oskar is an electrical engineer and also a rotary flying machine guy.  He originally built his helicopter as a Rotax 2 stroke model ZK-HNG6, as above, which he flew for 60 hours from 2008.  It is photo'd above at Parakai on 1/3/09.

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  1. I discovered Oskar's project thanks to YouTube's algorithm and have devoured everything I can ever since. What a fascinating project!