Wednesday 30 March 2022

A Couple of Different Helicopters at Waimauku on 26-3-2022

After the demonstration of Oskar Stielau's interesting electric Mosquito at Parakai last Saturday, I headed on down the road to Waimauku following Tim Pike to his impressive workshop that contained some other interesting helicopters:

Tim's Cicare SVH-4 ZK-HZV3 (c/n 018) is a tethered single seat helicopter trainer powered by a Rotax 912, that was designed in Argentina by Augusto Cicare.  It was registered here on 20/12/16 and it is the only one of its type in the country.  It is currently for sale on Trade Me.

And stored on a shelf in the corner of Tim's shed is the remains of a Elisport CH 7 Angel helicopter.  This is a development of Augusto Cicare's original CH 6 design so it is closely related to the SVH-4.

As there has been only one Elisport CH 7 Angel helicopter registered here, we can detail its history (thanks to Blue Bus).  It originally was registered here on 19/1/96 as ZK-HOC2 (c/n 034) to R I W Simpson of Takapuna, however it was damaged in a road accident, presumably while being trailered, as was cancelled on 11/11/97.  It was rebuilt and restored to the register as ZK-HOU3 on 9/2/00 for Simon Clark of Auckland.  However it also didn't last long in this guise as it suffered a roll over accident at Ardmore on 25/7/03 when the engine failed while hover taxying, and it was finally cancelled on 7/12/05.

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