Wednesday 9 March 2022

Tecnam P 92 Echo Mk 2 ZK-RJR at North Shore Today 9-3-2022

Another trip to North Shore airfield this afternoon for Avgas produced Neil Ross's Tecnam P 92 Echo Mk 2 demonstrator ZK-RJR on the field with Rodger Coleclough who will be demonstrating it for the next few weeks.  It is an impressive aircraft and very well equipped and finished:

Rodger explained that it still has the original Echo wing but it is mated to a new carbon fibre fuselage that results in lovely lines

If you look closely at the tail (click to enlarge the photo) it has "Quality Aircraft Since 1948" above the Tecnam logo.

The twin Garmin touch screens are pretty impressive but you really need to familiarise yourself with what they can do when you are on the ground, as there is so much information in a different format to my familiar round dials.  It is a very clean panel.

I was impressed with the shape of the control column that comes forward before curving up, which means that you can move your leg past it without having to lift your leg over the column.  And even the door opening mechanism was impressive and worked very well.

Rodger offered to take me for a couple of circuits which showed the aircraft to be very smooth and quiet.  The photo is of the Northern Motorway while climbing out.

On short finals coming in for a smooth touch down on Runway 03.

Thanks very much for the demonstration Rodger.

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