Tuesday 22 March 2022

A Couple of "New" Cherokees at North Shore back on 5-3-2022

A couple of weeks ago I was at North Shore airfield and photo'd two Cherokees that have recently had a change of ownership and that have not been posted on the blog previously:

PA 28-161 Warrior ZK-WWW (c/n 28-7716057) was registered to Bikini Airways Ltd of Auckland on 1/2/22.

And PA 28-180 Archer  ZK-DOS (c/n 28-7405002) was registered to a North Shore owner on 27/1/22.  

It is surprising that neither of these 2 Cherokees have been posted on the blog previously as they have been around for quite a while - since January 1974 for ZK-DOS while ZK-WWW has been around since December 2011.

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