Monday 18 April 2022

Pitbull Goes for a Run at Dargaville 16-4-2022

Brian Taylor wheeled out his North American Rotorwerks Pitbull SS gyrocopter ZK-RUN at Dargaville last Saturday 16 April, and Rusty Russell took it for a flight:

Jordan Elvy and Simon Hills were there and Jordan took these photos.

You can see an earlier post on this unique (in NZ) machine HERE.  This has an earlier photo without the endplates on the tailplane, which Brian Taylor told me have made a big difference to how the autogyro flies.


  1. It's cool to see another Pitbull, that makes a total of three complete one's that I know of. I'm a Kiwi in Idaho & have a Subaru powered SS that I bought in Canada & since then a mate over by Boise bought N23GP, also an SS with a Subaru.

  2. Good to hear of others around, before mine there was only the other two on utube that I had seen flying, You are welcome to contact us, email;

  3. Nice to hear and to see it;)