Sunday 24 April 2022

Diamond DA40 PK-VVL at Woodbourne.

 Spotted at RNZAF Base Woodbourne the other day were three civil registered aircraft.
On the left we have the Classic Flights Piper PA-28-140D ZK-DEB c/n 28-7124115 which was damaged whilst landing back at Wanaka on 02-11-2019 after loosing a wheel. 
Its registration was cancelled on 05-10-2020.

More details on this incident here -:

On the right you can see the tail and left wing of the Cessna 172D ZK-CDJ c/n 17250942 of  Hippeastrum Trust/Martin Patterson which had been cancelled as withdrawn at Timaru on 06-02-2020.

The airframe of great interest in the centre is the Diamond DA40TDi Diamond Star PK-VVL c/n D4.189 which was damaged on 28-10-2008.

See link below for an interesting accident report.

The gray hulk in the background is the RNZAF Lockheed Orion NZ4203.


  1. Is that a huey fuse too? the green hulk

    1. I'm at NMIT who own these aircraft and the green fuselage belongs to a AS350-fennec.

  2. Hello Anonymous.

    I noted that fuselage but didn't comment on it as I also am not sure what it is.

    Somebody else might offer an ID !

  3. I had noted that fuselage but was uncertain what it was so made no comment.

    Maybe somebody else can make an ID for us !

  4. Thanks Anonymous.
    I don't suppose it still has its manufacturers plate attached.
    Would be nice to know its Manufactures Number for the records.