Monday 4 April 2022

ZK-ICJ at Hastings

 Des Smith caught the Bell 47G-3B1 ZK-ICJ  c/n 3337 at Hastings today.

It is one of just five Bell 47's still registered in NZ.
Of 1965 vintage it has spent time as VH-UTQ, VQ-FBN, DQ-FBN and back to VH-UTQ again in 1976.
It became ZK-ICJ on 01-10-2002 with Clark and Jolly Ltd at Taupo.

A couple of earlier posts  can be seen on these links.

Since mid 2015 it has been with Ardmore Helicopters  with a name change to Cirrus Helicopters in October 2016.
On 08-09-2017 it was listed to Unique Rentals of Hastings.

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