Sunday 27 July 2008

One and the same ZK-ICJ

Bell 47G VH-UTQ , c/n 3337 , was registered to Helicopter Utilities in 1965 and served in Fiji as VQ-FBN and DQ-FBN. It returned to Mascot, Sydney in 1976 and is shown here parked outside the Airfast Helicopter Hangar on 25-11-1976.

And blow me down; here it is again. This time as ZK-ICJ at Tauranga on 10-02-2007. It was first listed in NZ to Clark & Jolly at Taupo on 01-10-2002. Then to Helilink on 17-02-04; Harbour & Gulf on 30-06-05 and now with Kiwi Kopters Tauranga Ltd from 15-12-05.

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