Thursday 3 July 2008

Patrille does some fencing.

20-04-1969 Patrille took off from Wrights Bush, Southland and argued with the fence.
This pic taken with my old Kodak 620 in the days before I could afford telephoto or zoom lenses, shows the 180 on short final at Invercargill.
Obviously a little lighter. The port undercarriage left behind, and if you look at the horizontal tailplane you will note a change in dihedral. In fact the complete left elevator is missing and a portion of the right elevator was also missing. All turned out ok and the aircraft is still with us today.
As usual this pic is a digital photo of the original, which doesn't help the clarity in any way.
I stumbled over this pic in a heap of my unfiled ZK-B## photos whilst looking for a suitable photo for the next blog topic.

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