Thursday 31 July 2008

Ardmore of late

At Ardmore 24Jul was this Hastings based Champion which has been on the registered since 1981!

Duchess ZK-FIC has taken on a new identity from 25Jun as ZK-SMI

Appears that Jetranger ZK-HOP has adopted a modified scheme.

Hughes 500D ZK-HRI from Masterton arrived at Oceania 24Jul.

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  1. Nice shots there Mike.
    Re ZK-CPD. Your "!" is correct.
    The on line CAA register doesn't go all the way back to 05-12-1966 when CPD first hit the register for the Wairoa Aero Club. It was delivered to them on 22-04-67. It was listed to Rex Aviation (NZ) Ltd on 10-07-74 before moving to D G Lewis & G W Adamson on 23-09-74. I then have it with South West Helicopters of Taupo from 23-12-1977 followed by Sensor Alarms Ltd of Palmerston North from 20-06-78. The Hawkes Bay Gliding Club had it listed to them on 30-11-81, with whom it remains. I note that it was damaged at Ypuk on 13-12-05. So can I assume that the nice non Champ colour scheme was applied about then ?