Thursday 17 July 2008

The things we do.

Annual Servicing of DOC outpost on Stephens Island
Tuesday had me pottering around on Stephens Island watching Helipro's AS355F1 Twin Squirrel ZK-HYN , c/n 5286.
At work lifting supplies up from the barge to the station at just over 600 feet above sea level; and back loading retro.

Sidling in towards the heli-pad close to the light house and auto weather station.In less than two hours all the lifting was done. This used to take yonks when supplies arrived at the landing rock on the east coast of the island by boat and lifted by crane (before the crane was decommissioned) and then loaded manually onto a very steep railway line. At the top of the railway items were then handled onto a trailer for dispersal as required. It is all much quicker, safer and probably cheaper these days.

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