Thursday 5 December 2019

A Couple of Crescos

I was pleased to be able to see a couple of Crescos that were new to me on my trip down to Wellington and back.

At Waipukurau the all pink Cresco ZK-TPW (c/n 034) arrived back for fuel.  It is registered to Rural Air Work Ltd of Otane.

Someone on the blog has wondered what the registration letters TPW stand for.  I reckon it is for Turbine Pratt and Whitney.  And as you can see on the current blog header of another Cresco ZK- PWT (c/n 010), I reckon the registration letters PWT are for Pratt and Whitney Turbine.  Both of these Crescos have been re-registered (ZK-TPW from ZK-JOH (and VH-MOS and ZK-SDT before that), and ZK-PWT from ZK-TMN).  I think they were both re-registered by Griffin Ag Air.

And as an aside, I saw ZK-PWT topdressing near Mangatainoka on my was South through the Wairarapa.

Meanwhile, at Feilding on my way back North was the newly registered Cresco ZK-PGE (c/n 016) for Super Air.  This has recently returned from Australia where it was VH-PGE for the Superair Australia, and it has retained their colour scheme.  Prrior to that it was ZK-PNX2.  I understand that it is going to be based at Wanganui.

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