Tuesday 3 December 2019

Northern Gliding Championships at Matamata 29-11-2019

I started my trip South with a visit to Ardmore (nothing new) and then drove on to Matamata aerodrome where I found the Northern Gliding Championships underway, and the field was being launched by aerotow.  There were three tow planes:

The Piako Gliding Club's PA 25-235 Pawnee ZK-CNC2

The Tauranga Gliding Clubs PA 25-180 Pawnee ZK-PNE (Named Myrtle)

And the TZB Syndicate's Robin DR 400-180 ZK-TZB2 from Taupo.

The conditions looked pretty good to me but with a chance of over development., and it was spitting slightly on the airfield.

I will throw in this one that I took at Ardmore earlier in the day - the Auckland Gliding Club's PA 25-260 Pawnee ZK-CEB with a 4 bladed propeller.

I was feeling like this was going to be a good road trip!

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