Thursday 19 December 2019

Pacific Aerospace Happenings at Hamilton (1)

It has been busy around the Pacific Aerospace Ltd facility at the North East corner of Hamilton Airport lately, with their latest 750XL test flying:

ZK-EPH2 (c/n 223) was registered to Pacific Aerospace Ltd on 3/12/19.  It can be seen that it is going to a Papuan operator Cenderawasih Air.  It is probably going to replace their previous 750XL PK-BSF (c/n 129) which was damaged beyond repair by flooding at Jayapura on the North Coast of West Papua in March 2019.  This 750XL was built as ZK-JRB and was first registered in New Zealand on 23/2/07, and it was cancelled on 18/3/08 when it was registered in Australia.

And in more news from Pacific Aerospace, they announced the recommencement of Cresco production with an order for a New Zealand customer.

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