Thursday 26 December 2019

Up on the Tasman Glacier on 10-9-2019

A definite highlight of 2019 for me was our skiplane flight up on to the Tasman Glacier and return helicopter flight, on 10 September.  I have posted some photos previously on the blog but it was so photogenic that I thought I would post a few more:

The head of the Tasman Glacier ahead of the Turbo Porter.

Just prior to touchdown - it was very smooth onto the snow.

Even lower!

Spectacular views on a spectacular day.

Our Turbo Porter ZK-MCT with an amazing backdrop!

Then our helicopter arrived....

Dwarfed by the scenery.

Our return Squirrel ZK-HBRawaits.

More dwarfing by the scenery!

Then all to soon the turbo Porter took off down the slope...

and climbed out.

Followed by us in the Squirrel

That's our landing area below.

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