Saturday 7 December 2019

Savannah S ZK-CDZ and others.

Yesterday 6 December 2019 the ICP Savannah S ZK-CDZ2 (c/n 16-06-54-0478) had its CAA survey carried out and its Permit to Fly issued at the Westwind Aviation facility at Forest Field.
Test flying will be carried out by Tony Den Haan.
See the earlier post on ZK-CDZ2  here.
Other news from Forest Field is that two more factory built ICP Savannah's are now on the way to NZ.
Below we see one of them prior to being dismantled and placed into its container.

And then we see the two of them plastic wrapped and ready to be containerised.
Labels on the wing tips would indicate these are c/n 694 and 695.
Thanks to Philip Seale of Westwind Aviation for the photos and update.

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