Sunday 29 November 2009

Question Time # 80 resolved

Flammin Nora - The correct answer before the ink had even dried. Looks like I will have to go fishing today.

It is indeed Reims/Cessna F406 Caravan II ZK-XLF (c/n 0057) being tinkered around with at Hamilton on 23-02-2009.

So Anonymous scores : If you flick your snail mail address to me at I will send the fish forth.

Thanks ZK-CKE for the info on the CII allocation - I hadn't picked up on that earlier.

There have been two airframes on the NZ register scattered over five registrations.

C/n 0012 ex Kenya. Became ZK-CII on 10-08-1998 to Aeromotive. Re-registered as ZK-VAA2 for Vincent on 08-05-2003. Re-re-registered as ZK-XLC with Kiwi Air on 15-01-2008.

C/n 0057 ex New Caledonia. Became ZK-VAF on 31-12-2002 with Vincent. Re-registered as ZK-XLF on 27-01-09 for Kiwi Air.


  1. As choclate fish are on the decline you may tag and release this one and set him free.
    Thanks for you efforts with these little tests.
    Cheers...Pool Guy.

  2. I went trawling this morning and scored, so the stock is back up ifin you want one.

    I enjoy the QT's; only trouble is you guys answer correctly too darn quickly.

    Perhaps something more obscure/difficult if called for.