Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Up and Away

A small selection of photographs taken and supplied by Warren Thompson from an early morning balloon launch out of the Cust Domain on Sunday the 29th.

Three balloons were involved. Above are the Cameron A-275 ZK-FAA (c/n 10249) with the smaller Cameron Z-90 ZK-UUA (4942) beyond.

VFR on top.
Below ZK-UUA which was on a training flight descending towards cloud tops.

Above is the Cameron A-375 ZK-FAR3 (10703) with the shadow of envelop and basket with a "Glory" around the photographer as they are about to enter cloud on descent.
FYI. The model number, eg "375" , is the cubic capacity of the envelope in thousands of cubic feet. So ZK-FAR has an envelope of 375,000 cubic feet.


  1. Most impressive photographs there. Thanks.

  2. Just found this Blog.
    Wonder if any one can help me locate the old ZK-FAA Sidney opera house balloon.
    We are a balloon museum and would like it back in England what ever the condition.
    Norman Smith.
    Mobberley Balloon Collection.