Thursday 31 December 2009

Salt Air Craft Peppered Across Northland

Following my previous post showing Salt Air's Grand Caravan ZK-MJL at the Southern end of their Kerikeri to North Shore route, here is their Gippsland GA 8 Airvan ZK-MAB taxying in at the Northern terminus at Kerikeri on 27 December. This Airvan was registered to Salt Air on 6/11/08 and is ex VH-BQY.
Meanwhile over at Paihia on 29 December was Robinson R 44 11 ZK-HGM with a Christmas season backdrop, flying into the Salt Air helipad. This helicopter was kept very busy ferrying people in and out of Paihia and around the Bay of Islands. ZK-HGM was registered to Salt Air on 13/12 07 and is ex N442RB.

And finally, back at Kerikeri was Bell 206B Jetranger ZK-HFE parked beside a monsoon bucket. This aircraft was purchased by Salt Air on 23/2/07 and is ex JA9752.
These 3 aircraft plus the Grand Caravan make up the current fleet of Salt Air Ltd.

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