Sunday 13 December 2009

Speaking of Harmon Rockets

In my previous post on RV's, I mentioned the two Harmon Rocket 11's that are in New Zealand. One of those is ZK-RMD that was built by Dave Simpson and is hangared at North Shore. This impressive aircraft has been flying for nearly 2 years but I have only ever seen it in its hangar. Dave Simpson originally started off to build his Rocket from a kit in the mid 1990's. The Rocket 11 is only about 20% RV 4 with a wider fuselage and a shorter wing, strengthened rear fuselage and a raised turtledeck to fair into the revised canopy. It also has a Continental O 540 6 cylinder engine driving a larger propellor, and the landing gear is longer to allow for this. A smooth aeroplane.

There is one other Harmon Rocket 11 in New Zealand, being ZK-TWU of Andrew Fairfax in Queenstown. Can anyone post a photo of ZK-TWU (or Andrew's other planes RV 4 ZK-JRX or Spezio Tuholer ZK-JRZ)?

One other interesting aircraft being built in the hangar was a Thatcher CX 4 which is a small low wing all metal single seater with a Volkswagen engine. You can just see the wingtip in the back of the photo.


  1. I was lucky enough to wangle a spin in Andrew's Rocket yesterday. Still buzzing now over 24 hours later. It was very turbulent and rough flight conditions, but was the most amazing plane I've ever flown in. I'll post a photo in the next day or two..

  2. I too was lucky enough to take a spin in Andrews Rocket. It left a lasting impression and was a remarkable aeroplane to fly! It was extremely agile and flew aerobatics very well. Would love to own one!

  3. Actually that Harmon Rockett II of Dave Simpsons is up for sale now. All the info on it and video is on