Wednesday 30 December 2009

Hamilton 28Dec

Parked nears its place of birth was FUGRO's Cresco VH-KPY currently on deployment to NZ on survey work. This machine started its life 12 years ago as ZK-KPY operating in Western Australia and shortly after its arrival became VH-KPY. It has since seen service in a number of locations around the world.

First registered in 1977, FU24 Fletcher ZK-EGW was parked with a gaggle of other similar machines at Super Air. I've not spied this particular machine before, however I see it was blogged by Blue Bus in February this year :

Registered to interests in Otorohanga, Zenith CH601XL ZK-JRL is seen here snuggled amongst the hangers.

A long way from home was Mainland Air's Dunedin based Cessna 152 ZK-NSM/3 which arrived on the NZ register this year.


  1. All 601 XL's have been grounded world wide till fix from the Factory from the 26/12/09

    People have been [powering them with bigger engines and flying them way past there design speed.

    The resuklt will go read it.

  2. egw has been down in stratford with ian dingle for the past few months at the moment we have cry here in stratford