Friday, 26 December 2014

ZK-ADX photo

A dose of cabin fever is overcoming me as I sit housebound with the teaming multitude of grandkids.
So I have dug this out of the bottomless shoe box.
Make of it what you will - but it is  obviously the Boeing 40-H4 ZK-ADX (c/n CB.8).
Looks like Wigram.
And the gentleman in the middle will be one Rudolph Lysaght Wigley.
Date about late 1935.
ZK-ADX was built in Canada as CF-AMS. It went over to VH-ADX in July 1938 and crashed on 21-09-1939 at Black Cat Ridge in PNG.
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  1. Here’s a wild, out of the blue question: what colour was ‘ADX’s fuselage painted? I found a photo of her in her original Canadian guise which looked lighter, and the Ed Coates collection photo looks to be the same shade as during her time here. Any ideas, anyone?