Sunday 28 December 2014

Other Ardmore Aircraft 26-12-2014

A selection of other aircraft outside at Ardmore on Boxing Day.

Slingsby T 67B Firefly ZK-WAE was pushed out of its hangar to let the Europa out.  It is owned by Auckland Aero Club as an aerobatic trainer and it is painted up as a USAF T 3A Firefly trainer which was used from 1994 to 1997 to screen pilot trainees and it replaced the Cessna T 41 (the USAF version of the 172) in the role.  So ZK-WAE does wear an appropriate colour scheme.  The T 67B has a fully composite airframe and a Continental IO 360 engine (whereas the UASF T 3A had a bigger IO 540 engine).

Cessna 172M ZK-DXJ is sporting a colourful new scheme.

Colin Dale arrived overhead, landed and taxied in in his latest Barber Snark ZK-PIE.  Colin told me that this aircraft is owned by himself and his son.  Of course it replaces their previous Snark ZK-JEK which sadly met a fiery but thankfully injury-free end at Ardmore nearly one year ago.  (See ).  Colin also told me that ZK-PIE has a 20 HP less powerful Suzuki G 15 motor than ZK-JEK's M 15, and the difference shows in the performance.

Sharing a hangar with ZK-PIE, Jabiru J 230 ZK-PSH was pushed out into the sun for a nice photo angle.  Originally owned by Painter Sinton Holdings (hence PSH), it is now owned by Manakau Microlights Ltd of Henderson in Auckland.  There was another Jabiru J 230 on the field with ZK-DIZ still for sale at Dennis Thompson's.

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  1. WAE actually has an O-235 engine of a whopping 118hp! So she doesn't climb very well but once away from the ground the control harmony is beautiful, nicest handling aircraft I've ever flown!