Sunday 14 December 2014

ZK-FMP on demand !

I think I have just been mildly chastised for not having done a post on ZK-FMP.
Cessna 172M Skyhawk II ZK-FMP (c/n 17265909) was a product of 1976 and arrived in NZ sometime in 1985 for a rebuild by Aeromotive Overhauls of Hamilton.
It hit the register on 08-01-198 for G C Best of Rotorua and was on line with Paraparaumu Flight Training on 06-03-1987.
 These first two photos show ZK-FMP at Christchurch on 08-03-1987 two days after going on line at NZPP.
 Ownership changed to R G Pownceby of Paraparaumu on 15-06-1987.
I spied it at Greymouth (below) on 28-05-1989 - Ownership did not officially change to the Greymouth aero Club until 19-06-1989.
 Below we see her at Christchurch on 06-03-1992 with Club titles.
 Next sighting (below) was at Greymouth on 21-02-1999 in a new paint scheme.
It was listed to Air West Coast Ltd of Greymouth on 29-10-2002.
Then back to the Greymouth Aero Club (Inc) on 21-09-2004.
To Air West Coast Ltd again on 05-05-2008.
And back to the Club on 01-11-2008
 Final pic above was taken by Matt Hayes at Hokitika yesterday, where it is now based.

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