Sunday 14 December 2014

I remember when - Fifty odd years back !

Piper PA-25-150 Pawnee ZK-BOQ (c/n 25-73) at Christchurch on 03-09-1964.
Tim Frederickson damaged it at Doyleston thirty years ago today. I have a note that its mortal remains now lurk in the Palmerston North area.
Above we have the Piper PA-18-95 Cub ZK-BQZ (c/n 18-5978) at Gore on 21-03-1965. At the time I believe it was listed with the Tauranga Aero Club. It was officially listed to the Piper Syndicate at Gore on 23-12-1965. It crashed in the Cardrona Valley on 14-05-1972, was sold in a damaged state to P J Garden and P N McHaffe of Waikaia, and its registration was finally cancelled on 06-05-1981.
Cessna 182A ZK-BUK (c/n 34416) was the second 182 on our register and is seen here at Dunedin's Momona Airport in September 1964. It was listed with Sowerby Construction of Timaru and the name "Hot Canary" seems to ring a bell in my tiny brain. It is still current with the McConnell Syndicate of Albury.
Druine D.31 Turbulent ZK-BWE (c/n PFA/505) is seen in August of 1963, and I am guessing it is at Masterton. It is still around - up Whangarei way I believe.
Two shots of Piper PA-23-160 Apache F ZK-BYB (c/n 23-1828).
Above undated but at Airwork Christchurch
Below at Wellington on 19-05-1964 in one of its Golden Coast Airlines schemes.
Most sadly - It parked itself on Mt Patutu in the Kaikoura Ranges on 18-03-1969.
Lastly we see the back end of the Douglas DC-3C ZK-BYE (c/n 13529) named " Jean Batten" in its South Pacific Airlines of New Zealand (SPANZ) scheme at Wellington in July of 1963.
It went over to Laos in 1968 and crashed there in late 1969.


  1. awesome post ,it is really enjoyable learning the history and looking at photos of long gone aeroplanes that once graced our skies...........keep it up

  2. Re BWE thanks for the memory .
    yes photo taken in aeroclub hangar at
    Masterton .

  3. No problem.

    Just keep those blank cheques rolling in.


  4. BYB was it our only long nose Apache ?

  5. Yes. I would say that is a true and correct statement.
    Not sure what year the long nose was fitted but I have a pic of it in 1969 with same.