Friday 1 February 2013

Helipro on Queens - 3

I was in Wellington last Friday 25 January on another "you can't beat Wellington on a good day" day.  The waterfront was humming with locals and tourists from 2 cruise ships that were in port.

And Helipro had a full complement of 3 helicopters at their Queens Wharf base.  I always find that helicopters on the wharf are very photogenic, and even more so on such a great day.

Robinson R 44 ZK-HES headed off for a sight-seeing flight with a load of tourists...

Followed by Aerospatial AS 350D Squirrel ZK-HYD with another load of tourists...

While Kawasaki BK 117 A-3 ZK-HYE sat and in the sun and waited for the next emergency call.  It didn't come while I was there.

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  1. Nice shots

    Trying to find my pic's of heliPro's Sikorsky S-61R they had a few years back.

    Rolled over in a River somewheres from memory.