Wednesday 27 February 2013

Changing types.

 Gippsland GA8 Airvan VH-NYD (c/n GA8-7-119) flew into Queenstown on February 5th 2013 from Latrobe Valley and Essendon, Melbourne. It was then flown down to Flightline at Dunedin for its NZ certification. Its NZ import CofA is expected to be issued today (27-02-2013) following CAA's visit. It will then become ZK-MCM with  Milford Sound Flights. This Airvan was originally listed as VH-AUM on 03-03-2008.
These two views were captured yesterday (26-02-2013) in the Flightline hangar at Momona (Dunedin).
This Airvan will replace the Islander ZK-MFN.
Soon to depart our shores is this Pilatus Britten Norman BN2A-26 ZK-MFN (c/n 2168). It spent some of its earlier days as a fishery patrol aircraft (with a radar nose) with the Chilean Authorities before going to the States in October of 2002. It became ZK-MFN with Milford Sounds Flight Seeing on 13-05-2003 and changed names to Milford Sounds Flights on 01-10-2009. It is shortly away to OZ.  It is seen above at Queenstown on 21-02-2013 and below in the Flightline hangar at Dunedin yesterday - with its replacement ZK-MCM in the background.

With thanks to Flightline at Dunedin.

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