Sunday 3 February 2013

The Pilatus Porter ZK-PCI news !

                   Pilatus PC6 Porter ZK-PCI was reported as stolen in this earlier posting:- see
I found the following update whilst researching another topic.
Photograph from the Andy Heap collection.


  1. ZK-PCI FOUND!!! Located in Yorkshire storage shed (UK). It has been discovered stripped of most parts and abandoned - recovery underway at this time. Evidence found that parts, incl. prop and main wings sold illegally into US, and engine "gifted" by thieves to a third party in UK to cover debits. UK Police not interested to pursue matter because its, quote "not in the public interest" and "uneconomic"!?!?! ...well and truly put in the too hard and too expensive basket! - reportedly because Owner (and aircraft) non-resident and therefore lowest priority for Police resources. Owner reportedly devastated. More news to follow...

  2. Thats my old mans plane!
    Still so angry that the uk cops didn't want to pursue the theiving bastards. Corrupt as f@*k! I say.
    If anyone knows who has this (peices of this) speak up. Its evil!!! im on a rampage 😊

  3. Everyone knows who stole it by the way. And karma will rip him (and them) a new asshole thats for sure