Sunday, 30 September 2012

Yet More from the Ardmore Airshow 29/9/2012

Another aircraft formation at the Mosquito airshow was of four jet trainers shown in the images below, in formation and on approach for landing :

The Vampire leads 2 Aero L 39 Albatros's and the Strikemaster.

Ardmore based Aero L 39 Albatros ZK-WLM.

And the other L 39 Albatros ZK-VLK, up from New Plymouth.

And finally the Ardmore based BAC 167 Srikemaster Mk 88 ZK-STR.


  1. did the venom fly?

  2. Its a pity the organisers couldnt get their act together and sort out traffic control and ticket sales. Both were an utter joke .We had 1 1/2 wait along Airport road, missed the beginning and then had to wait in a massive line to get throught the gates where there was only one young boy at ticket sales.
    Ending up watching from outside so event missed out on our money, along with a lot of other disgruntled spectators. Go back to the drawing board and get someone who knows what they are doing to organise the next one please!

  3. Anonymous - I didn't see the Venom, but I was only there in the afternoon.

  4. The Venom was started and taxied to the static display area mid morning. It is not yet certified by CAA to fly. Hopefully that will be forthcoming soon!