Thursday 16 April 2009

Gasoline Alley - Mangaweka - Update - International Airport.

Keagan has kindly forwarded the above fresh photograph of the Mangaweka "Cookie Time" DC-3. It appears as if the site is being redeveloped into a Cafe only.



  1. With the owners of the old River Centre moving in, Mangaweka International Airport is actually now a Cafe, Information Centre, Tourism Booking Office, small superette, and a Post Shop! So what with the two Art galleries, a craft shop, pub, and prospect of a new Antiques shop opening in the old River Centre shop, despite the "current economic climate" (yawn!) things seem to moving ahead unhindered in mangaweka at least! Well worth a stop. great Coffee. 8 out od 10. by Ricky Smith.

  2. Excellent news.

    Many thanks for the update.

  3. Speaking as one of the new operators of Mangaweka International Airport, it is great to see some discussion. The cafe had shifted from the DC-3 aeroplane over 3 years now so we have just given things a facelift, including the DC-3 which has now been painted.
    We have plans on organising an international story competition, getting everyone to write in their tales of the plane - so they are not forgotten.

  4. An update... it has been decided that the DC3 in Mangaweka is going to tell the tale of this fine aircraft as seen through the eys of those who flew in them (pilots, cabin crew, navigators), worked around them, travelled in them or watched them from afar. Not your average museum, we want your stories! PLEASE get in touch with us if you have any fond (or even not so fond... although haven't heard any YET) memories of the aircraft. We want to preserve these memories for alltime.

    Paul and Tricia
    Mangaweka International Airport
    P.O.Box 69