Saturday 4 April 2009

Quiet day at NZRT

Caught three of the locals out to play this afternoon. Above is ZK-CLT2 (C/n 200) the Rans S-10 Sakota of Craig Thomas. A project started in 2006, hitting the register on 04-03-08. This brings back memories of my circuit bashing days at Wellington when the original ZK-CLT had the right of way (size does have a certain amount of right). It being a Bristol Freighter.
Taxiing past with the help of its O-320 engine is this tidy little Cessna 150A ZK-BYM c/n 59079. This one came onto our register in November of 1960. For the last ten years it has been with the ZK-BYM Taildragger Syndicate of Rangiora.
Another long time local at Rangiora is this Piper PA18A-150 Super Cub , ZK-BNX, C/n 18-5453. It received its CofA on 18-04-1957. This started work with Central Aviation followed by stints with several private owners until joining Rangiora Sailplanes Ltd in October 1983. It went to the BNX Syndicate in February 2001.

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  1. Size still confers a certain level of priority at Wellington... :-)