Tuesday 14 April 2009

One & the same.

I caught this big booted mumma at Omaka on 10-04-2009. ZK-CES2 is a Cessna A185F Skywagon registered to Darlington Drilling & Piling Ltd of Paraparaumu on 03-03-2009.

Built as N93982 in 1977 it doddled up to Canada to become C-GMKZ about April of 1981. It reurned to the US and becamae N185R on 25-10-1994. It was ferried from Pago into Auckland on 05-04-1995 and was registered as ZK-JPM on 21-04-1995 to Paul & Jane Macdonald (hence the registration), perhaps better known as Canterbury Aviation Ltd (reg to it on 25-01-96). After Canterbury Aviation was sold, ownership of JPM moved to Paul on 03-10-07 and then to Darlington Drilling & Piling on 04-02-09.

Pic of ZK-JPM at Mt Cook on 15-08-2006.

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  1. Ahh yes JPM one of my fave 185s. Any idea why rego was Changed to CES ?

    As you prob know it went up to Nigel to replace DOD after it was wrecked (whats left has apparently changed hands to one of the original owners).
    Paul and Kate (along with another) have since taken on CMV.