Thursday 30 April 2009

Going going; Indian Peaks ; Gone

These eight pics were taken in the Indian Peaks hangar at Palmerston North on 18-02-2009 just as another container was about to be loaded. (At least two already gone).
Above is 315B Lama , c/n 2528 , XC-CIP. According to the FAA this is N9000R with Pacific Aeromotive Corp of Erie, Colorado and was cancelled on 29-05-2003 as sold to NZ.
Unidentified SA315 above.
Lama H-66 , c/n 2499 , still in the military markings of Argentinia.
An unknown Robinson R44 - no visible markings or manufactures plate.
315B Lama. Just guessing at being ZK-IPD c/n 2561.
C/n 2561 was previouslly XC-CUY and N91432..
Cessna 182 fuselage in jig; partially rebuilt. Possibly N52906 which is a C182P c/n 62942 listed to Steve & Edythe Mader of Pullman, Washington.
N22oSH as a SA315B Lama , c/n 2466 , built 1976 and listed with Skydance Northwestern Inc of Minden, Nevada. It was involved in an incident during a long line lift on 02-09-2005 at Duchesne, Utah. At the time it has about 19,650 airframe hours..
ZK-IPB is 269c-1 , c/n 0228 , ex N1831A. It was damaged in a training accident atTitusville, Florida on 12-07-2006. Rebuild was completed at Palmerston North & it became ZK-IPB to Indian Peaks on 10-07-2008. It remained unsold in NZ so has gone offshore with all the other containers of bit and pieces.
Also on site were several more bent 315 airframes and a Hughes 369 fuselage pod under restoration. In my note book against this H369 I have the letters HJO ! [Surely not ZK-HJO ?].
The small registration block of ZK-IPA to ZK-IPE were allocated to Indian Peaks Aeromotive:-
ZK-IPA Schweizer 269C c/n S1812 ex N1281R. Registered 30-04-2008 and listed to River Heights Farm Ltd of Turangi on 24-05-08.
ZK-IPB Schweizer 269C-1 c/n 0228 ex N1831A. Reg 10-07-08 but remained unsold so exported. Rebuild noted nearly complete in August 208.
ZK-IPC Schweizer 269C-1 c/n 0065 ex N897TH. Reg 10-07-08. Noted under rebuild August 2008.
ZK-IPD Sud 315B Lama c/n 2561 ex XC-CUY and N9143R. Reg 30-04-08.
ZK-IPE Schweizer 269C c/n S1422 ex N891CP. Reg 15-04-08.
ZK-IPB, ZK-IPC, ZK-IPD and ZK-IPE all de-registered on 29-04-2009 as exported.
Can anybody out there add more details on this collection please.
(Come in Greybeard).

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