Tuesday 28 April 2009

17,200 hours

Above is a shot of ZK-HUW taken at Greymouth on 10-03-1987 whilst with Heli-Corp. This was in the deer poaching days when helicopters had to carry large ID letters in a coloured circle.
I dug this out of the dreaded shoe box and added to this blog 28-04-09 & 1700hrs.

Below a pic taken 27-04-2009
In for servicing at Skysales in Christchurch is the Hughes 369D ZK-HUW , c/n 1280415D , from Greymouth. Built in December 1978 as N58273 it worked out of Marina Del Ray in California until moving down to NZ. It become ZK-HUW with C R Deaker at Te Anau on 16-05-1985 . First flight in NZ was at Christchurch on 29-05-1985. Ownership changed to Heli-Corp (NZ) Ltd at Greymouth from 22-05-1986. It has been on "The Coast" ever since, joining Chris Cowan of Coastwide Helicopters on 30-06-1988. It has now accumulated 17,200 flying hours.


  1. Might be getting old, but certainly looks good

  2. Good pilot; good maintenance & a bit of good luck.